Changes to Website

posted Nov 11, 2013, 2:37 PM by Nassau Zone   [ updated Nov 11, 2013, 3:23 PM ]
Visiting will still bring you to our old website while we put the finishing touches on our new (this) website, but once we're "live," all future visitors to will be directed here.  Check out changes below and feel free to click around to see them in action:

1 - New homepage and navigation - As soon as you visit our website, you'll see recent announcements (like this one), upcoming events, and other pertinent messages all in one spot.  Use the menu on the left to dig even deeper, and click the triangle next to a menu for sub-menu options.

2 - Interactive calendar of events - Click "Events" and you'll see all Nassau Zone events for the month.  Click on the calendar to change months, learn more about a particular event, print the calendar, or even to subscribe/add the calendar to your mobile device.  If a Nassau Zone event changes, the calendar on the site will automatically's "alive!"

3 - View Zone-related documents online, right inside your browser - When you click to open a document or form, it'll pop open in a new browser window.  From there, you can then print a copy, or download a copy to your own computer by selecting FILE > PRINT (PDF), or FILE > DOWNLOAD from the menu.

4 - Contact e-mail and website form - Email sent to will forward to the current Nassau Zone President.  You can also submit questions or comments to the Nassau Zone by clicking "Contact Us" in the left-hand menu.